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The Life and Times of John Bates

John was a very active participant in the community. He served as a census taker, under sheriff and building commissioner for the court house in York. Below are notes about him Texas Bill, Nancy, Ethel Mae and I have found scattered through census and court records.

In "The King's List of Passengers to Maryland and Virginia", John Bates arrived in Anne Arundel at the age of 27. He came from England. He ran away from his sponsor, Benjamin Howard, before completing the 7 year servitude. In the 1880 AL census, Allen stated his father was born in England and his mother in Maryland.

John's grandson, Thomas Jefferson Bates, son of Zachariah, stated in the 1880 census that his father was from Washington D.C. Perhaps John married Rebekah Beal near present day in Georgetown, Maryland, which is now part of Washington D.C. Mary Bates Ellis was born in Maryland in 1780. Another possibility is Alexandria, Virginia, as Zachariah stated he was born in Virgina in 1781. Alexandria was part of Washington, D.C. for a short time around 1790.

There is a James Beall in Georgetown, MD who had a daughter named Rebecca born abt. 1762. This bears further research.

The 1850 Gwinnet Co. GA census lists Zachariah Bates, aged 69, born in Virginia.

1790 York Co, SC census: (pg 4 of 7)
John Bates 1M>16, 3M<16>16 - John Bates Sr
3M<16>45 - John Bates Sr (47)
1F >45 - Rebekah Beal Bates (40?)

1810 Not Stated, York Co, SC census: (a different enumerator)
pg 12 of 39
John Bates Esqr 2M<10,3m<26,1m>45 - 1F<10,2F<16,2F<261F<45
2M 0-9 - David K. Bates-4, Allen Bates-7
1F 0-9 - Elizabeth-9/10
2F 10-15 - Isis & Dicey-11
3M16-25 - Robert Bates-19, Thomas A. Bates-27, Zachariah Bates-29
2F 16-25 - Alenna Rene Bates-16, Mary Bates-22
1M 45+ - John Bates Sr-57
1F 45+ - Unknown - Rebekah died in 1806. After her death, John married a Ms. Kennedy, who gave birth to David Kennedy Bates. Texas Bill has her name as Alice R. Kennedy.

1800 Census in York, SC: John Bates (p. 942) Males - 1 (0-10), 2 (10-15), 1 (16-25)
Females - 3 (0-10), 2 (10-15), 1 (16-25, 1 (26-44), 1 (45+)
John was the census taker, but evidently left himself off the record.

22 Sep 1783, John Bates purchased 300 acres on the main fork of Fishing Creek on the Indian line from William Hill of New Acquisition, Craven Co. It said John Bates was of the same county. New Acquisition later became York Co.1791, John Bates and Joseph Boggs appointed constables for 1 yr. However, John was still receiving wages as a constable in 1794.1793, John Bates took an oath as under Sheriff for York Co.30 Sep 1793, John Bates and William Ellis witnessed a sale of land. John was a witness on many transactions.Feb 1794, John Bates, John McCall and John McCaw were appointed commisioners to finish the courthouse.John Bates, Sr., was the census taker of the 1800 York Co. census.

Will probated 9 Oct 1833. He left everything to Isis. That action undoubtedly means that Alice Kennedy Bates had also died, or, however unlikely, divorced him by the time of his death.

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