Saturday, May 2, 2009

Allen and Letitia Bates

Here are some pictures of Allen and Letitia White Bates. Allen is the youngest son of John and Rebekah Beal Bates. Nancy Sims is a decendent of Allen. Nancy had these published in the Bates Booster in 2003. Ethel Mae sent them to me. The bottom set of pictures are Allen and Letitia. The top set is of their daughter, Nancy, and her husband Daniel Asbury Cowart.

Allen and Letitia had 13 children. Nancy was the youngest, born in 1855. I believe that Nancy told that 5 of their 6 sons that fought in the civil war were lost in action.
Here is their family:
Allen Bates, b. 27 Oct 1803, York, SC, d. 26 Jun 1899, Pike, AL
Letitia White
Rebecca Bates b. 1829, DeKalb, GA, d. 13 Dec 1846, m. Julius Gause
Mairan Allen Bates b. 1830, DeKalb GA, d. 1870, LA, m. Marietta Barnes
James Bates, b. 3 Mar 1831, DeKalb, GA, d. 25 Dec 1917, Bullock, AL, m. Sarah Jane Cox
William Bates, b. 1833, Stewart, GA, d. 1862 (Civil War)
Martha Bates, b. 29 Jan 1835, Stewart, GA, d. 7 Jun 1896, Pike, AL, m. Jesse Gause
Harmon Bates, b. 1839, Stewart, GA, d. 1864 (Civil War)
Edward Bates, b. 1840, Stewart, GA, d. 20 Apr 1862 (Civil War)
David Bates, b. 1842, Stewart, GA, d. 1862 (Civil War) m. Jane Conner
Bryant Bates, b. 5 Oct 1841, Stewart, GA, d. 8 Aug 1861 (Civil War)
Elizabeth Bates, b. 11 Aug 1845, Stewart, GA, d. 1903, Pike, AL
Allen Bruce Bates, b. 23 Mar 1848, Pike, AL, d. 3 Oct 1936, Pike, AL, m. Mary Frances Brooks
Exa Ann Bates, b. 9 Nov 1851, Pike, AL, d. 4 Oct 1911, Pike, AL, m. Charles Henry Dykes
Nancy Bates, b. 22 Nov 1855, Pike, AL, d. 8 Jan 1936, Pike, AL, m. Daniel Asbury Cowart

Perhaps Nancy can tell us a little about her grandparents.

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