Friday, April 3, 2009

Decendents of John Bates, Esquire, York SC

John Bates immigrated to Virginia about 1771. He came as an indentured servant from England. He married Rebekah Beal in Maryland abt. 1777. He never finished his servitude, which was usually payment for passage across the ocean, but ran away and joined the Continental Army. After the war he purchased 300 acres in New Acquisition, South Carolina in 1783. His property was on the lower Fishing River near the Indian line. New Acquisition later became York.

Rebekah Beal is believed to be from Maryland. The following are their children:

John C. Bates, b. 1771, Virginia. Married Enda about 1820.
Mary Bates, b. 1780, Maryland. Married Robert Ellis 11 Sep 1807.
Zachariah N. Bates, b. 1781, Virginia. Married Lavinia about 1819.
Thomas A. Bates, b. 1783, Fishing Creek, York, SC. Thomas was never married but lived with his sister Elizabeth in 1850.
Robert Bates, b. 1790, Fishing Creek, York, SC. Married Catherine Rowell about 1820. He died in 1821.
Alenna Bates, b. 1 May 1794, Fishing Creek, York, SC. Married Richard Lawson Reeves in 1827.
Dicey Bates, b. 1799, Fishing Creek, York, SC. She was a twin with Isis. Married Robert Chambers.
Isis Bates, b. 1799, Fishing Creek, York, SC. Isis never married and lived with her father when he died. He left all his possesions to her.
Elizabeth Bates, b. 1800, Fishing Creek, York, SC. Elizabeth never married.
Allen Bates, b. 27 Oct 1803, Fishing Creek, York, SC. Married Letitia White in 1828.
David K. Bates, b. 1806, Fishing Creek, York, SC. Married Mary McHood in 1830. He was the son of John's second wife, Ms. Kennedy.


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  4. Guys, I just thought of something that is quite disturbing. We know the Bingham's are the original posters of the John Bates that came from Norwich to Virginia then married Rebekah Rolfe as being the same John Bates Sr of York Co, SC. Since we have recently discovered that John's first wife was Rebecca Beal, it seems highly probable that the John Bates they were following may not be our John Bates of York Co. Since they undoubtedly found something that linked the John Bates from Norwich being married to Rebekah Rolfe of Maryland then it follows that that John Bates really did marry Rebecca Rolfe in Virginia (or England as the case may be) and that either the information they found is not our John Bates.

    I will have to think about this some more and will work up something on this and will drop it to everyone by email.

    Texas Bill

  5. Texas Bill, Do we know if John came from England? I found another dna match (11/12) that decends through Edward Bate of Weymouth, Ma.

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  7. Hello... My name is Velvet. I am working on my family tree and I am related the the Bates Family. Charles Bates who would be my Great grandfather was the great great grandson of Zachariah Bates. My email address is If you can contact me, would love to hear feedback. Thank you.