Friday, December 3, 2010

Bates - Snow Get Together

On September 18, 2010, several members of the Bates and Snow families met in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Ethel Mae Kinkade, a descendant of John Bates of York, SC, through his grandson, Thomas Jefferson Bates, and her sister, Flora Ann Bates, and cousin, Marti Bates Cohen. They left Oregon on a Family History fact finding trip. They really wanted to meet our relatives in Arkansas. Ethel Mae, Texas Bill, and I have all been corresponding with Larrie Owen via email and over the phone. Ethel Mae was hoping to meet up with Larrie and see if they could piece a few things together.

About 12 relatives met at Creekmore Park at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday. I have posted a few pictures:

This is a picture Flora Ann Bates, Ethel Mae Bates Kinkade, and Marti Bates Cohen.

Bates /Snow Get Together, Creekmore Park, Fort Smith, AR; Julie Beam (desd. of John C. Bates), Terri Lovell (John C. Bates, dec.), and Larrie Owen (d. of Robert E. Bates).

Marti Bates Cohen (TJ Bates), Ruth Sweeten (Julie's mother), and Norma Owen (Larrie's wife).

Juanita's mother, Juanita Moreton Harris, Sandi Robison, Vic Neve, Ronnie Moreton, Norma Jean Moreton Neve, and Denny Moreton (Flora Snow relatives).

Larrie Owen and Ethel Mae Kinkade In Witcherville, AR, on Sept. 16, 2010. Thomas Jefferson Bates & Flora Ethel Snow married in Witcherville on Oct. 12, 1893.

Valley View Church near Greenwood, AR. Robert Ellis Bates donated the land for the church. John C. Bates is buried on the south side of the church where the old homestead is. His grave is the only one with a headstone. Other graves are marked with rocks.

Robert Ellis Bates old homestead. The land is now owned by the Plunkett family.

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